DIFC Gate Avenue
DIFC Gate Avenue
  • Promenade level

    encompassing the
    journey- a pathway
    to follow.

crowned with a unique parkland setting, gate avenue at difc becomes a vibrant pathway through the district.

Offering luxurious expanses of outdoor space, the Promenade Level is a unique, urban park development designed to elevate the aesthetic of the DIFC, whilst providing visitors with a bright and animated outdoor experience.

The Promenade Level acts as an iconic connector - bridging the district with its majestic, green architecture. Punctuated by a magnificent mosque that looks to rival any in the region - the Promenade Level also becomes a versatile stage for pop-ups, art installations and cultural activities.

Designed with quality in mind - the Promenade Level reflects the international tastes of Gate Avenue at DIFC’s clientele - a discerning, well travelled and cosmopolitan individual.


the promenade level is a sleek continuation of difc's distinct architecture, offering the community a refreshing walkway within the district.


Three visually stunning access gates - artfully mirroring the iconic Gate Building - invite guests to the expansive world beneath.

Whilst existing as an inventive, multi-use, alfresco area, the Promenade Level’s main purpose is revealed in its most basic geography. It serves as a vital connecting entity that will become the very backbone of DIFC.

Gate Avenue Zones

DIFC Gate Avenue

South Zone

The South Zone will cater primarily to the residential community and visitors. Its retail mix comprises lifestyle, health and leisure categories, kids’ edutainment, family recreational activities and F&B.

Central Zone

The Central Zone will be home to a new community of culinary excellence, combining beautiful indoor restaurants and sumptuous al-fresco eateries. Alongside them, the zone will also incorporate high-street retail, fashion and beauty brands, as well as convenience stores serving the metro traffic.

North Zone

The North Zone will extend from the Marble Walk at the Gate building. Geared primarily towards professionals working in the financial district, it will feature high-end stores selling premium fashion, luxury watches and accessories.

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